Powerful mind, strong body

You can’t depend on your eyes, when you imagination is out of focus – Mark Twain

Focusing is something I’m rubbish at! I think this maybe the third draft of this post and so far I’ve gone for a walk, had a cigarette, a nap and started a puzzle. 

Some would say this procrastination coupled with my short attention span can be attributed to maybe an undiagnosed case of mild ADHD but that would be someone else’s opinion. The problem I have is the not switching off when I have a new obsession. The way I have to research and research a topic, joining forums and reading bloody everything on the topic till I become an expert. For example I can tell you pretty much everything about suppliers and purchasing BMW’s pre 1996.  A skill I will cover in a future post about investing in cars. 

So what has this got to do with focussing the mind and building strength in the body? Well about 6 months ago I began meditating in the morning for 10 minutes. My focus prior was all over the place and I am definitely not a morning person. I found that taking the time to exercise the mind helped clear the junk and close all the tabs in my subconscious browser. I mainly started this to understand the foundations of business and allow my mind to process the information I’ve read. 

I am one of those people who doesn’t like talking around the subject. To the point is best!

From exercising my mind I knew I had to exercise my body. I stick by the simple principle of doing any exercise for at least 30 minutes. Anything more is a bonus. 

So 10 minutes mind and 30 minutes body a day that’s it try it and build your focus time up. You’ll be surprised what happens. 


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