Writing Space: Comfort for Work

“I don’t think of literature as an end in itself. It’s just a way of communicating something.”
—Isabel Allende

To conjure up a musing of ideas for writing, I find it best to work in the peace and tranquility of somewhere that can distract from the mundane. Now it does not seem to be the most conventional of methods, but alas distraction is my enemy and friend.

I find my best thoughts come out of that of a crazy ever changing environment. I’m still early in my blogging career and I know that the direction I take for my work will bring in new readers and alienate others. However my focus and interests are ever changing but in some I find peace that I have something to write about.

I have writing posts on trains, in hotel rooms, sitting on the couch but the generation of writing queues and ideas appear in the most likely of places. I find recording the idea on my iPhone and trying to find space to write a quick draft allows me to brain dump on the things that are going through my head. I am currently sitting on a large amount of drafts that will get published one day, but the time and space to research and grammar check on some are just not as impromptu as others and alas they are in a state of equilibrium.


I would love to have a writing weekend away to see how the creativity of a new writing space will influence my output and thought patterns. Maybe I should fly to an exotic island and slum it in a shack with nothing but a notebook and a bottle of rum or maybe an igloo in the artic with the fear of getting eaten by a polar bear to pressure me into getting work done.

But here I am once again sitting on my couch, procrastinating over future plans and ideas in the comfort in knowing that my work space is out there and in here.

Writing Space