30 days of writing challenge: the fruits of my labour

Among other things of interests I focus a lot of my time in generating ideas for novels and screenplays. 

I have most of them filed in notebooks and the back of my brain but alas I can never seem to develop them. 

A couple of weeks ago I began growing tomatoes on a windowsill (bare with me with this tangent). I saw from the initial seeds to saplings to the growth of stems and leaves the amount of care I have to make the plant grow and the repetition of watering and trimming to allow the fruits (are tomatoes fruit?) of my labour flourish and ready to share. 

I think this anecdote has helped liven my inner writer and to challenge myself to practice writing and to finish off the incomplete ideas I have stored. With this in mind I think documenting to a deadline with make myself accomplish my goals and perfect my craft. 

So here is to a month of writing and stories to accomplish a dream of seeing my stories on the big screen.