Dreaming: The art of progression



A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
-Colin Powell

I am a person who day dreams a lot. I think of elaborate ideas and poof they float off into the sky. I enjoy this, a self context notion of one day, one of these ideas might change the world. Sure, I write some of down, others I let them stew over for a while in my internal ideas pot of a brain. Sometimes I turn up the heat on some and really think that I can do this idea, yet sometimes lack the direction or understanding in how to progress.

I think if you have ideas, jot them down on your phone, a napkin, anywhere that you can come back to them. I actually have a black book that I started on 1st November 2012 (I know this as I wrote it in the cover). This book is in remarkable condition after being being dragged places in my bag whilst at university and now sits proudly in my “office” (I literally have a collapsable table and I sit on a bed in my spare bedroom, but hey its as close to an office as I’m going to get) where I can access it and add anything I’ve written on my phone. There is no limit of craziness (unless illegal, you should go talk to someone if you have illegal ideas), I have ideas for TV shows, movies scripts, radio programs (I used to run a radio station, I know, check me out) to career development and drawings of inventions that one day I should really get around to actually you know inventing (well technically are they invented as I have already planned them but are not physically real? I don’t know that’s for another day).

So grab your pieces of paper, write down that crazy idea as you never know we could change the world one day!